Twilight in the Dominican Republic inspired the winner of #RetoMoringa2018

After we announced in FITUR 2019 the winner of the 4th #RetoMoringa2018, the recipe competition with Moringa oleifera among its ingredients, we wanted to know more about its creator and about how she came up with the idea of the award- winning recipe: Moringa del Mar.

Marinelly Marleny Núñez Mordan, 41 years old, born in Santo Domingo, capital of the Republic, is a manager in a Dominican Company.

I learnt a lot from my sister. She is not a chef by profession but for me she is the best cook in the world”

With good academic qualifications, Marleny has more than enough professional experience. She was manager in an important clinical laboratory in the Dominican Republic and plays a role in planning, decoration and organization of medical events and conferences. Corporate social responsibility and volunteer work.

Moringa del Mar, winning recipe for # RetoMoringa2018.

I believe in the Moringa since learning about it in 2012 and doing research on its benefits for our health.”

Marleny defines her relationship to cooking as “pure passion”. Her interest in creative cooking began during her first job in 1998 as secretary to a great executive chef in one of the best hotels in the Dominican Republic.

She took advantage at that time to train to get certification in management, food handling and disease prevention.

As part of her passion for cooking, Marleny delights in watching cooking programmes and looking up quick and easy-to-prepare recipes on the social networks.

The winner of the IV Reto Moringa has always looked for a way to make creative fun dishes, well presented, but above all with a high nutritional level. The latter is especially important so that her two children have a suitable well balanced diet.

Generally children are rather choosy and not in the sense of eating well; this is why I have always used creative nutritional techniques which have worked extremely well for me.”

Marleny, after learning by teleconference with the Minister of Tourism of Paraguay that she had won the IV Moringa Challenge.

A brilliant way of showing Moringa´s versatility

“I have always liked healthy food and always try to add some superfood to my dishes to provide healthy nutritional substance,” Marleny tells us.

At one of the events she organised, Marleny observed how different chefs used Moringa in their dishes, just like spirulina, and was able to understand how versatile it was and how it could be used in many ways in cooking.

“I have an apartment on the beach and one afternoon looking at the sea I thought of complementing all the elements of a dish and this inspired me to create “Moringa del Mar” for the beautiful island where I live and the different colours of green: I wanted to reflect a little bit of our sea in a superfood like the Moringa”.

I am passionate about cooking and good food. But above all I love healthy cooking.”

Detail of Moringa del Mar, an example of creativity and coherent concept in a recipe.

After this inspiration, Marleny refined her combination of the properties of the Moringa with those of the spirulina, the Dominican prawn, Spanish garlic sauce, Caribbean coconut, Asian cardamom and the European carrot, so that by means of this well-balanced fusion she could “unite the world in the Moringa and connect it with the sea.”

In her recipe she wished to demonstrate the Moringa´s versatility, which is why she added it in the Moringa Prawn wrap, in the Moringa froth, carrot and cardamom; in the coconut topping and in the bread sticks.

The idea is to promote the use of this marvellous product and make it known as well as providing nutritional value to the people using it” concludes Marleny.