Biodynamic Moringa

by conviction

We Are Moringueros

Admiration for Moringa tree

Since 2010 we have been cultivating Moringa oleifera trees on the land of the Guarani in Paraguay.

Here there is a humid tropical continental climate, full of contrasts and brightness. The regular rains create an environment rich in water, which gives the tree the necessary resistance to withstand the intense heat of the sun´s rays.

We are Moringueros because we feel good when we enable the tree to grow. Its benefits reach many people, ease malnutrition and favour an optimal diet. We are committed to knowing more about it and thus we contribute to promoting it.

The Guaraní peoples, exceptionally knowledgeable about the plant world, have shown us how to grow the tree respecting Nature and its order.

Piribebuy, place of the gentle breeze

Before and now


In the Guaraní language “Piribebuy” means “place of the gentle breeze”. Formerly the transit route on the Royal Road for yerba mate, the land of Piribebuy is surrounded by hills and streams where one can take shelter from the heat.

Nowadays it is known as a historic town and craft centre.

Its population lives among pastures, sugar and Moringa plantations. Situated downstream from the river Yhaguy between the coordinates latitude 25.5 and longitude 56.9, we find the Pirareta Colony, a place closely connected to its profoundly rural surroundings, a fact reflected in its people´s life style and customs. They keep to the teachings of their ancestors and are faithful guardians of their traditions.

Here grows the Moringa Yguá tree, strong and vital, adapted to this climate where the tree manifests its power, taking in light and food from the painstakingly- worked soil.

Our agro-organic commitment

From consciousness and heart


Respecting and following Nature´s seasons, we have developed our own local seeds, suited to the climate of the place.

The Moringa Yguá tree knows itself to be part of the place and the people who care for it. Observing it daily tells us how it feels, what is good for it, what it wants and also what disturbs it.

We use companion planting among the trees, which permits us to know beforehand the state of the soil. We fertilise with our own compost prepared on the spot with rich organic material, residue from the Moringa.

Micro-production allows us to create a close energy cycle among the trees, the beings around them and the carers. Thus the natural harmony flows continually facilitating biodiversity and balance on the Plantation.

To be certified as organic farmers is the endorsement for this work and a way of understanding the cultivation of the soil.

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