The Legacy of the Guarani People

…the essence of the natural

The journey and the search

Concerns have answers


We went looking for something so specific yet so imprecise as the causes of longevity in human beings. And we discovered a silent almost hidden civilisation, the Guarani, which possessed the secret.

We studied the great historical legacy of the Guarani people in Paraguay, a legacy based on profound knowledge of the flora and fauna and how they interact among themselves in a sustainable way.

We followed the teachings of Dr. Moisés Bertoni, a Scholar of Nature who lived over 40 years with the Guarani. He made detailed observations of the people and their environment and patiently compiled the Guarani wisdom in his books sharing with us the fruit of his generosity and selflessness.

The splendour of vitality

A simple secret


“Longevity depends essentially on food, hygiene and happiness” these concepts are strongly rooted in the minds of the Guarani. One might think it is a question of race but Dr. Bertoni insists this is not so.

For a long time scientists have been saying that we can live longer if we adopt more natural eating habits. Looking at the progress made over the last century, the following statement made in 1921 by Dr. Marcel Abbé is still valid: “as far as food is concerned, man is the most ignorant of animals”.


Continuous and methodical


The Guarani discovered and got to know flora intimately. Each plant has its usefulness. With their capacity for on-going observation and their deductive ability to reach the cause through the effect, not falling into the trap of coincidences, they obtained reasoned conclusions that are still valid today.

In the pharmacopoeias there exist many medicinal plants with active ingredients that they compiled. The study of food and way of life (Hygiene science) is enormously practical and scientific; sources testify to this.

The choice of food

Ancestral wisdom


According to the FAO, the function of vitamins in human nutrition has still not been determined. Vitamins are a vital element in all food. The Guarani people chose vital foodstuffs rich in vitamins, and came to the conclusion that all vitamins were plants. They had no tradition as hunters. They ate herbs and natural fruit grown in the earth.

Cassava, corn, sweet potato, fruit and honey are the main foodstuffs consumed on a daily basis.

The Guarani food and way of life

Basics is simple


This shows us how food and a way of life (hygiene) influences a person´s character, as well as modifying and even changing us. ”They considered that poor hygiene can cause bad humour, physical and moral toxins… cause behaviour to become selfish, relationships acrimonious and individuals to turn away from each other… these effects linger on to a certain extent in future generations”. Dr. Moisés Bertoni.

The spirit of dignity

The main lesson


From childhood, we develop individual freedom and at the same time training in self-control. This determination helps us to control our passions, desires, suffering, hardship; also to control what we say and how we say it. If there is something that children can be taught only by example it is self-control.

The elders in the community enjoy a privileged position as they are loved and respected as well as having the satisfaction of playing a main role in its government.


The Guarani version of Moringa


Yguá was born during a pause on the road, from awareness, knowing that there remains much to learn about the secret of a long life and much to do still to respect and follow nature in the legacy the Guarani have left us.

From their oral language based on ideology with two characteristics proper to them, synthesis and abstraction, we have retrieved the word “Yguá”, which means the action of drinking herbal water during the day.