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The essence of farming life

Every day is original

When a farmer gets up each morning the first thing he does is look at the sky.

Farming depends on the weather. Each seed germinates and grows taking in the best light, temperature, moisture and the winds it bears.

The weather is something unique that cannot be reproduced; it happens everywhere and at any time. It makes each natural product register its own essence.

Tropic of Capricorn

Where we are

Paraguay, the country where the Moringa Yguá grows, is a land with a hot humid continental climate. In farm work two seasons are taken into account: winter is from April to September, with an average temperature of 20º and summer from October to March with an average of 25º. It rarely freezes but temperatures fall to below 10º in the months of June and July.

Rain falls throughout the whole year. The constant humidity present in the atmosphere helps mitigate the intense heat that envelopes the Moringa trees. The extraordinary purity of the air explains the intensity of the sun´s rays.

Its continental location mean the winds are concentrated in an area called Tropical Calm, with few violent winds of short duration and rarely of hurricane force. The small annual barometric variation contrasts with the large daily variation.

It flourishes here

Dr. Moisés Bertoni

“Agriculture has a safer means of judging the climate of a region for the prospect of crops” wrote Dr. Moisés Bertoni, the Swiss scholar who dedicated his life to the study and close observation of Nature in Paraguay.

In 1927, when setting up a Centre for Medicinal Plants in the area, he reported on the tree called Moringa Pterygosperma, also known as Moringa Oleifera or Ben:

“This curious edible tropical tree grows and flourishes here”.