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(In the picture, Reinhard Wall, winner of the first Reto Moringa competition, with 3 members of the jury.)

It´s just so easy to accept the challenge of Reto Moringa

If you would like to win 1.000€ in the fourth competition: IV Reto Moringa, you only need to follow these 3 steps:

  • 1. Prepare a dish or a drink with Moringa. This is not a competition for recipes of haute cuisine, but of everyday dishes that show how this plant food can be used day by day.
  • 2. Take at least one photo of the dish as it looks when ready for the table and write (no need for long descriptions) the ingredients it contains and the steps you have followed in its preparation. If you find it easier, record it on video.
  • 3. Send us the photo or video with the ingredients and steps for their preparation to:
  •, or
  • by WhatsApp al (+34) 608 95 06 41 or
  • publish it with the hashtag #RetoMoringa2018 (so that we can find it)
  • on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Instagram

You can present up to 3 recipes. So it is really easy to take part in this healthy challenge (Reto).

Access the Competition Rules for entering RetoMoringa2018.