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Moringa RECIPES contest

What is your proposal for a Recipe “Whow”?


1. Dates: from 27th September, 2018 to 9th December, 2018.

2. Participation. Open to all ages, persons and nationality.

3. Recipe  Specifications:

  • a) The recipe´s star ingredient is the Moringa leaves or powder.
  • b) As a starter, or main dish, or a dessert, or in a drink (juice, smoothie…).
  • c) Submission of the recipe:
  • In writing with the name of the RECIPE, description of the ingredients and the steps followed, INCLUDING at least one photograph and, if you wish, others of the process.
  • A short video can be presented if you prefer.
  • d) Original, must not be a reproduction of any RECIPE published in other media.
  • e) The same contestant can send up to 3 RECIPES.
  • f) The text can be presented in Spanish or English.

4. Prize:

  • 1.000€ in cash.  
  • The best RECIPES will be included in the widely distributed III Moringa Recipebook 2019.
Reinhard Wall, ganador del primer #RetoMoringa, con el Jurado del Reto al recibir el premio

Reinhard Wall, winner of the First #RetoMoringa.

5. Publication of the Winner: In January 2019, the winning RECIPE will be published in the course of the FITUR 2018 Fair.

6. The Jury comprises María Marte, Head of kitchen at 2 Michelin- starred Allard Club and author ofSoñar, Luchar, Cocinar; Alejandra Feldman, Food journalist and blogger; and Elisa Escorihuela, Founder and Director of Nutt. 

7. Criteria. The winning RECIPE will be chosen for its representation of Moringa in daily  use in the kitchen, the dish´s nutritional intake, originality in presentation, the  combination of ingredients and the name given to the recipe.

Alberto Guida, ganador del II Reto Moringa junto a M. Carmen Sánchez, muestra el diploma acreditativo de su primer puesto

Alberto Guida, winner of the 2nd Edition.

8. Send your recipe in writing with your contact details, email and telephone.

  • By email to
  • By Whatsapp to (+34) 608 95 06 41
  • You can also present your recipe in Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Instagram using the hashtag #RetoMoringa2018
  • Include the contact details of the author of the recipe: full name, contact email and telephone number.

9. By submitting the recipe, Moringa Yguá Guaraní is given express authorization for its complete dissemination and publication in all the media. Submitting the recipe implies acceptance of all terms and conditions and Yguá´s Data Protection Policy.

Montse Toledo, ganadora del #RetoMoringa 2017 prepara la receta premiada: Barritas energéticas con Moringa.

Montse Toledo, winner of the 3rd Edition.

Download here the Rules & Regulations of the IV Edition of the MoringaChallenge