Finca Yguá - Pirareta - Piribebuy - Paraguay  | Temperatura 21.1 ºtemperatura ygua moringa

II Moringa Recipe Book

From Colonia Piraretã, Piribebuy, Paraguay, we want to celebrate the publication of this II Moringa Recipe Book, in which there is a selection of the recipes received. For all of them, thank you very much.

We feel we have a Challenge: to value the generous tree of Moringa. And every year we share it with you in the Moringa Challenge. Your collaboration motivates us to continue searching for the Biodynamic excellence of this species that makes us feel good and vital.

Access the II Moringa Recipe Book and through its virtual pages discover the diversity of culinary applications of Moringa:

If you want to be part of the III Moringa Recipe Book, in addition to winning other prizes, participate in the IV Moringa Challenge. Access the Rules and Regulations here.