How to enhance an omelette?

In the picture, Moringa bread with blueberries.

In the 4th year of the Moringa Challenge, the competitors have shown us how to use Moringa oleifera on a daily basis with added nutritional value.

One example that demonstrates how easy it is to incorporate Moringa into our diet is “Omelette enriched with Moringa”. This recipe optimises a plain omelette nutritionally simply by stirring half a spoonful of Moringa powder into the beaten eggs. The creator of the recipe describes it as a “French omelette with a pinch of Moringa, which enriches the taste of the egg as well as providing more proteins, vitamins A, B and C and minerals!.

The importance of a spoonful of Moringa lies in its nutritional transformation of the dish.”

In most of the 85 recipes approved the candidates have emphasised the everyday approach which enables Moringa superfood to be included as part of a Daily Natural Addition.

Sequence of steps corresponding to “Omelette enriched with Moringa”.

We have received several different recipes for pasta and rice dishes that show how in just one simple step adding Moringa in leaf or powder form takes its corresponding dish to a new level in nutritional, antioxidant and nutraceutical values

In the majority of the recipes, Moringa is integrated into the sauce. As it has a mild slightly spicy vegetable taste it can easily be combined with the pine nuts and basil of pesto sauce; with onion, garlic, tomato and oregano for casarecci sauce; with coconut, turmeric and pepper in tropical taglietelle… All dishes prepared easily but to be eaten slowly with enjoyment.

The “Banana pancake with a touch of Moringa” teaches us how easy it is to make your breakfast better.

And what can be more everyday than a basic food like bread? We have received two versions both integrated with Moringa: bread with blueberries from Amasa, and a Moringa bread made with oat, almond, rice and bran flour.

Application of Biodynamic Preparation 508 (horsetail) on the Yguá Moringa plots. The cultivation techniques used allow the species to update their huge potential.