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Choosing the winning recipe for the #RetoMoringa2018 has already begun

In the picture, Reinhard Wall, winner of the first Moringa Challenge (I Reto Moringa), dining at the Club Allard as his prize for the winning recipe. María Marte, chef of this haute cuisine 2 Michelin star restaurant is a member of the jury for this present competition: IV Reto Moringa.

The deadline is up for submitting recipes for the #RetoMoringa2018.”

We appreciate the flow of culinary creativeness that has reached us from different continents. We have received worthwhile recipes from Spain, Paraguay, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Honduras, Venezuela, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Italy, the Dominican Republic, France, El Salvador, Colombia and the United States.

We have received recipes using Moringa leaves and powder in international dishes such as Paraguayan soup, panna cotta; baos and kaguyjy, in noodles, rices, pasta dishes like lasagna, hummus, home made bread; in meat and fish; in cakes and ice-creams…

Moringa´s adaptability allows practically any type of food that one can imagine to be enriched nutritionally and with enhanced antioxidants.”

The jury now has the tough job of choosing the winner of the €1,000 in prize money from among the recipes submitted. The award- winning recipe and a selection from the others will be included in the III Moringa Recipe Book, a continuation of the first two.

Access to I Moringa Cookery Book.

Access to II Moringa Cookery Book.

We would remind you that the selection of the winning recipe is in charge of María Marte, 2 star Michellin chef and author of “Soñar, Luchar, Cocinar“ (To Dream, to Fight, to Cook”;  Alejandra Feldman, Journalist and Gourmet food blogger and  Elisa Escorihuela, Dietician and Nutritionist Founder and Director of Nutt.

The judges will choose the winning recipe according to these criteria: how the Moringa has been used in every day dishes, the nutritional content of the dish, the originality in its presentation, the combination of ingredients and the name the dish has been given.

The judges now have the difficult task of choosing from among the recipes submitted the winner of the 1,000€ prize money.”

At FITUR 2019 we will announce the winner as the best cook using Moringa superfood; the person who will follow on from Reinhard Wall, winner of the first competition #RetoMoringa, Alberto Guida, winner of the second II #RetoMoringa with M. Carmen Sánchez and Montse Toledo, winner of the last competition Reto.