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In Yguá Moringa we find the following composition of essential minerals in each 100g:

  • 14 times more CALCIUM than cow´s milk
  • 10 times more MAGNESIUM than avocado pear
  • 6 times more IRON than spinach
  • 5 times more POTASSIUM than banana
  • The same amount of ZINC as in wholemeal bread

Yguá is a multimineral complex produced by Nature in the proportions and quantities recognised and absorbed naturally by our body. It is a combination full of nutrients that fulfil their functions.

We are all one and need food capable of giving us a whole: Proteins, vitamins, acids fats, carbohydrates, antioxidants and minerals. Faced with an environment of demineralised soil where crops grow poor in vitality, taking Yguá de Moringa helps to cover deficiencies and restore balance 100% naturally for what is lacking.

We care for the earth like a living body in which each part forms part of the whole. We receive from the trees what we give them: a food that exudes life.