Ingredients make the recipe

  1. Dates:  5th May 2020 to 30th November
  2. Open to people of all ages and countries.
  3. The recipes of the #RetoMoringa2020 shall consist of:
    1. Choice of food, with a close look at the nutrients they provide us with.
    2. Moringa to be included, in leaf or powder form or using both, as another ingredient, accompanying each Recipe to give us a complete and regenerative contribution.
    3. The act of eating is much more than supplying energy to our bodies. Chef James Oliver describes it in this sentence: “I deeply believe that the power of food has a paramount place in our homes that unites us to the best moments of life.”
    4. Every day we can find those moments when we are aware of the greatness of the act of eating, the enjoyment it provides and the well being it gives us.
    5. The ingredients and the way they are combined are really a science that attracts us and helps us understand how to achieve our balance. Over the years we have gaining insight into the nutritional aspects of food. Every day there are applications that facilitate that knowledge and that can help us, such as MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Runtastic Balance, HealthifyMe, AppleRoja, MyPlate…
    6. The Recipe for the #RetoMoringa2020 can consist of an entrée, a snack, a main course, a dessert, or a drink… to be consumed at any time of the day.
    7. While being as creative as we can, it is not about reproducing just another recipe but making our imagination vibrate with colours, flavours, textures … nutrients.
    8. In a Word Template and in this PDF Template there are the fields to fill in or follow as a guideline. The template can be filled in digitally or by hand and can occupy more than one page.
    9. The recipe can be In Spanish or English. 
    10. If our written description awakens the Jury´s imagination, it will be the images, the photo or the video or the drawing, that will highlight the culinary creativity.
  1. Prize:
  1. Announcement of the Winner: In January 2021, the Winner of the winning Recipe will be announced as every year in the context of FITUR Madrid.  Meet the winners of previous editions.
  2. Selection of the winning recipe: Selection of the winning recipe: This is in charge of a multidisciplinary and international Jury, formed by María Marte, 2-star Michelin chef; Alejandra FeldmanJournalist and Gastronomic Blogger; and Elisa Escorihuela, Dietician and Nutritionist Founder and Director of  Nutt. In this competition the Jury wants to highlight the nutritional contribution to be found in the ingredients.
  3. Yo can send the recipe:
    • By email to  retomoringa@yguamoringa.com
    • By Whatsapp to (+34) 608 95 06 41.
    • You may present your recipe on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #RetoMoringa2020.

By submitting the recipe, it is understood that you give Yguá Moringa Guaraní express authorization to circulate and publish it in its entirety on the website www.yguamoringa.com and its social networks, as well as in any media selected for its distribution. The submitting of the recipe implies acceptance of all terms and conditions as well as Yguá Moringa Guaraní´s Data Protection Policy.