Finca Yguá - Pirareta - Piribebuy - Paraguay  | Temperatura 21.1 ºtemperatura ygua moringa


A Yguá was a Guarani habit, to drink water with herbs as a natural intake during the day to resist dehydration and to cover their energy needs.

Yguá arose from the urge to seek the secret of longevity. To travel this long journey Yguá brings together a great Family of people capable of sharing their experiences, their work and their love for Nature.

“Longevity depends essentially on diet, cleanliness and happiness”. These concepts are firmly rooted in the minds of the Guarani people. It might be thought that the longevity of this people is a question of race but in 1900 Dr. Moisés Bertoni, after living with the Guarani over 40 years wrote that their genetic characteristics were not the cause. Today thanks to advances in Epigenetics, we know the relevance of habits in gene expression.

Yguá expresses in its image a delicate trace like Nature itself, well defined, showing the rigorous standards we wish to work to. Green and blue are combined to express vivid colours, a mixture of sky and forest, our gratitude for the teachings of the Guaranis, a people wise in its knowledge of flora, learned in regard to the earth and its seasons.

We are the Moringa people who cultivate exclusively the Moringa oleífera trees in Piribebuy – Paraguay, using for conviction organic methods.