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Complete protein

We differentiate between the complete proteins and the rest by means of the Amino acid (AA) profile compose by the proteins. The Yguá Moringa AA profile is 19 AA, in which are to be found all the essential AA (9). For this reason it is called a complete protein.

We need non- essential AA as well as essential AA, but the latter have to be incorporated through our food as we do not produce them. In the Yguá Moringa aminogram, we can observe that both AA are present in a balanced quantity and proportion, contributing an excellent natural protein intake above and over other foods and supplements.

A daily dose of Yguá Moringa´s complete protein helps us to replenish expenditure of energy besides helping our body´s physiological functions. The high protein quality is measured by its high digestibility or absorption by the body. A small quantity taken daily becomes an important nutritional intake.

Yguá Moringa contains 25% complete protein from an organic plant source.